You Can Do Your Own Divorce–With My Help

A woman in total confusion with her divorce consulted me. She had incurred $11,000 in attorney fees and the divorce was going in circles. Her petition and the response were filed in March a year ago.

First consultation with me was March 19 this year. Today she walked out of court a free woman. Today’s court date was for a trial setting conference, but I had guided her through all the necessary paperwork, and she was prepared for a trial, down to the required two addressed, stamped envelopes.

So when the judge ordered her and husband to go downstairs to mediation, she had everything lined up, understood her case thouroughly, had the judgment forms at the ready. She got her 401k, the support she wanted, husband to pay for the QDRO to divide his pension, name restored–everything she hoped for!

She had spent about four hours with me, some hours at home sorting her files from her lawyer according to my directions, and four hours at the court today with the mediator. And it is finished at last!

She said the self-help office at the court was great, and the mediator was very good.

Had she not be so totally prepared today, she would have had to take another day off work to finish with a trial.

On signing the judgment, Judge Millard cautioned her to not dance and sing her way out of the courtroom, but to please walk sedately.

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