A Safe Place for Family Solutions

Come to my open house to discover the safe surroundings of a mediator’s office instead of a cold courthouse for resolving family and intimate partner problems.

Come March 22 between 4:00 p. m. and 7:00 p. m. We are located at 149 West Whiting Avenue in downtown Fullerton.

Here we can work through all family issues in a peaceful, private setting. You can take your time to evaluate all your options, to delve into values and possibilities, to plan your future with some certainty. You can try out variations of parenting plans to decide what works best for your children.

Part of the process of divorce often includes blame, anger, hostility and guilt. What is important for people in divorce, according to judicial surveys, is to be able to tell their stories, and to have a fair process. Mediation is the answer to both needs.

As a family lawyer and mediator in Fullerton for more than 25 years, I offer private, guided decision-making for couples, domestic partners or unmarried parents with domestic issues.

Whether you need assistance negotiating a premarital agreement, mediation to help you stay married or guidance through the divorce process, I have the expertise and experience to help you plan your future.

I mediate divorces to be filed in the counties of Riverside, San Bernardino. Los Angeles and Orange.

I have helped couples settle all issues such as identification, characterization, valuation and division of all assets and debts, parenting plans and assuring physical needs of children–away from courthouse pressure.

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