What’s Wrongj With Family Court? Custody!

What’s Wrong with Family Court? Custody!
Dysfunctional divorce systems cause actual damage to children.  Litigation is the primary process offered for divorce throughout this country. Through encouraging and enabling parents to litigate the lives of their children, our laws and courts cause impairment in the development of our children’s brains and emotions from the effects of court-induced stress.
Recent research shows that exposure to inter-parental conflict may have a lasting adverse impact on brain development by activating hormones, producing cortisol that without intervention causes toxic stress.
Custody litigation exists in every state. We must make a new way for parents to separate, and we must do it now.
“There is a clear and present danger to the public health of the children of this State based on our society’s failure to adequately address the impact of child custody proceedings upon children …,” declared the board of directors of the California chapter of the national Association of Family and Conciliation Courts in a resolution in 2008.
The resolution continued, “…as a chronic, system-wide, statewide public health crisis which impacts the previous, current and future generations of California’s most precious resource—its children,” estimating that 4,775,939 children (in the state of California ) have been touched by the court system due to actions of their parents.  The number in 50 states surely is phenomenal.
Organizations across this country are strongly concerned about our divorce systems, especially regarding parenting.  Some are very hostile in their approaches to the courts, and many seem slanted in an anti-woman stance, claiming prejudice against fathers, such as the National Parents Organization. But there is no question that a rational system of establishing parenting for adults who do not live together needs to be devised and needs to be devised soon.
Other organizations include Mothers of Lost Children, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Children’s Rights Council. There is also a movement calling for  a Federal Parental Rights Amendment advocated by Concerned Women for America, a conservative Christian women’s activist group founded in 1979, and by Phyllis Schafly who has claimed there is a “rogue judiciary” that is taking away parental rights. Incidentally, she also claims that our bad welfare policies are “destroying fatherhood.”

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