The High Cost of Divorce

I just received a mailing from a psychologist advertising his “custody evaluation” business. His new associate will do a “flat fee basic” evaluation for $5,000. The extensive evaluation runs to $9,000 and includes allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, mental issues. If the parents get along well, but disagree on some of the child’s “best interests,” he will do a “fast track” evaluation in one day for $2,000. Or if you did not like the first evaluation you had from someone else, he will give you a second opinion, cost not stated.

Add the costs of the lawyers at $450 an hour each to shepherd you through this process, then represent you in court and cross-examine each of you and a psychologist or two–all this so your children can grow up, become independent and leave home without their college money, which went to the psychologists and lawyers.

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