Discover Positive Results with Marital Mediation in Fullerton, CA

Discover the advantages of divorcing with the help of an attorney that specializes in family law and marital mediation in Fullerton, CA.

With the help of a mediator lawyer:

-you proceed at your pace
-you get all the information you need
-you decide what outside professionals you need
-you decide what is best for your children
-you save money
-you avoid a great deal of anxiety and worry
“It is your divorce; it’s your family; it’s your future.”
Mediation works better than litigation

-it reduces hostility and resentments
-it eliminates court time and continuances
-you do not pay for services you do not need or want

Our guided divorce process is safe.
We assure that all property is identified
including employment benefits
we help in accurate valuation of all assets
we assure all debt is accounted for
we help divide assets fairly
we see to it that your future financial arrangements are thoroughly planned
we will tailor a parenting plan to the needs of YOUR family

Whatever further assistance you might need to complete the process successfully is  available   —  for legal, financial, emotional and parental needs:

consulting lawyers
financial planners
forensic accountants
divorce coaches
parenting counselors

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